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We believe science has the highest social impact on our society. We want to change the world by challenging science statu quo.

Scinan helps you Explore and make Discoveries in the fields of Science.


Connecting science

We use the most important resource in the world, people. We organize meaningful scientific articles made by researchers into structured database.

In return, we offer an online platform where people can visualize and operate data.


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Are you an engineer, a scientist, a fablab member, an academic? Maybe you just love science as much as we do ... Come with us, we have built the best professional software to explore science.



We design and build relevant databases on various research topics. Our databases are meaningful, flexible and related. You will no longer waste time making the state of the art for your research topics.



A neuro ergonomic interface in the form of a 3D map is the best approach to perform data science exploration. Visualize & navigate inside the network but most importantly never miss something.




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The construction of a scientific bridge is a collective work where everyone comes, places a brick or removes a broken one, maybe another adds cement. ”

—- Karim Noui, Researcher at LMPT France (Theorical Physics & Mathematics Laboratory)


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